Kobelco Hybrid



  • Kobelco is the 1st in the construction industry introducing Lithium-ion technology
  • Kobelco is the 1st in the construction industry introducing a 20 ton Hybrid that complies with Stage IV
  • Kobelco has the industries smallest CO2 footprint
  • No compromise to performance; production volume is equal to our standard -10 machines
  • Kobelco has 17 years of R&D into hybrid technology combined with Power Meets Efficiency
  • 25kW large-scale generator motor to charge the battery, drives the swing motor or assists the engine and results in drastic improvement of fuel efficiency

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Revolutionary Hybrid that delivers
the future today



More workload with less fuel = Power Meets Efficiency

Kobelco achieved both low fuel consumption and high efficiency with the newly developed hybrid system and the new hydraulic system.

With the newly adopted lithium-ion battery and high-output generator motor, the production volume is improved in all modes compared to the conventional hybrid machines.

Especially in H mode, more than 7% of production improvement was achieved compared to the conventional models. Of course, the fuel consumption has also improved significantly by 16.7% compared to the conventional standard machine. We are making full use of unprecedented, advanced technology in the industry.

SK210HLC-10 actually pursued not only low fuel consumption but also a large workload, and it will transform the concept of hybrid excavators.

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Kobelco continues innovation

Reduction of the impact on the environment is a common practice in the recent construction machinery industry.
In 2006, KOBELCO released the first hybrid excavator SK70H with fuel efficiency improved by 40% compared to the conventional machines in the same class. Then in 2009, sales of the hybrid excavator “SK80H“ started. In 2012, the 20-ton class SK200H-9 was released, which established Kobelco as “the leading company in fuel efficiency”.
And now we developed the SK210HLC-10, showing its true value of “genuine hybrid” and breaking the common sense of conventional hybrid machines.