• Kobelco is the 1st in the construction industry introducing Lithium-ion technology
  • Kobelco 20-ton Hybrid complies with Stage IV
  • Kobelco has the industries smallest CO2 footprint
  • No compromise to performance; production volume is equal to our standard -10 machines
  • 25kW large-scale generator motor charges the battery, drives the swing motor or assists the engine and results in drastic improvement of fuel efficiency

More workload with less fuel

Power Meets Efficiency

The SK210HLC-10 delivers in every way with no compromise to performance. When compared to the equivalent, class-leading SK210LC-10, Kobelco test results show that “H-mode” output is the same but a significant reduction of 12.3% in fuel consumption has been achieved. At the same time, digging volume has not been compromised – the working speed matches that of SK210LC-10. In addition, the productivity level of the SK210HLC-10 (m3/L) provides an increase of 14.2%

Kobelco continues innovation

Reduction of the impact on the environment is a common practice in the recent construction machinery industry. In 2006, KOBELCO released the first hybrid excavator SK70H with fuel efficiency improved by 40% compared to the conventional machines in the same class. Then in 2009, sales of the hybrid excavator “SK80H“ started. In 2012, the 20-ton class SK200H-9 was released, which established Kobelco as “the leading company in fuel efficiency”. And now we developed the SK210HLC-10, showing its true value of “genuine hybrid” and breaking the common sense of conventional hybrid machines.



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