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Conventional models

Product specifications SK260(N)LC-10E
Operating weight:

SK260LC-10E: 26,000 kg

SK260NLC-10E: 25,900 kg

Engine rated power:

138 kW/2,100 min-1 (ISO14396)

Bucket capacity:

1.0 m3

Product specifications


Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle, 4-cylinder diesel engine with intercooler turbo-charger (Stage IV-compliant engine)
Fuel tank:
403 L
5,123 L
Rated power output:
138 kW/2,100 min-1 (ISO14396)

Digging force

Bucket digging force (Standard):
170 / 187*
Arm crowding force (Short):
142 / 156*
Arm crowding force (Standard):
122 / 134*
Arm crowding force (Long):
104 / -
Short label:
2.50 m
Standard label:
2.98 m
Long label:
3.66 m
Power boost engaged:
UNIT = kN * Power Boost engaged

Hydraulic system

Double variable displacement axial-piston + extra gear pump
Max. discharge flow:
2×245 L/min,1×21 L/min (extra)
Relief Valve Setting:
34.3 MPa (Boom, arm and bucket)
Hydraulic Oil tank:
165 L tank oil level, 273 L hydraulic system
Power Boost:
37.8 MPa

Travel Force

Travel motors:
2 x axial-piston, two-step motors
Travel speed:
5.8/3.6 km/h
Drawbar pulling force:
245 kN (SAE)
70 % {35°}

Special attachments

Long reach

Operating weight:
27,800 kg
Engine Rated Power:
138 kW / 2,100 min-1 (ISO14396)
Bucket Capacity:
0.40 m3

2 PC Boom

Operating weight:
26,600 (26,500) kg
Engine Rated Power:
138 kW / 2,100 min-1 (ISO14396)


Reynir Reynisson

"The Kobelco is very easy to operate The controls are easy to use which means that I can be very precise when digging " ...

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Wieslaw Kowaleski

"Kobelco are powerful and more effective plus they use less fuel This machine is a perfect example – it is even better than the dash-9 – strong, fast and efficient" ...

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Sergio Oliveira

“The SK260NLC-10 is fast, smooth and very precise The travel force of the machine is also excellent, which is very important for powerful digging operations” ...

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