Location: Switzerland
Kobelco dealer: Hand Baumaschinen AG
Customer: Baumann Epp Bau AG
Operation location: Standel, Wassen (in the Gotthard region)
Management: Bernhard Epp and Patrik Epp.
Operators: Elias Tresch, Leo Zberg and other employees

In Standel, Wassen (in the Gotthard region) of Switzerland, the new Kobelco SK530LC-11 is working at a quarry and landfill site. Covering approximately nine hectares, the site was opened in 2016 and is expected to remain operational until the end of 2039.

The customer

The new Generation 11 SK530LC-11 is owned by Baumann Epp Bau AG, a family-run business specialising mainly in civil engineering as well as the operation of two quarries and landfill sites in the region. The company’s main field of activity includes road and path construction, dam building and repair, watercourse and pipeline construction, excavation and general construction as well as landscaping and garden design.

Baumann Epp Bau AG was established in 1958. At that time, Martin Baumann and Hermann Müller founded the company, which was then named ‘Müller und Baumann’. The two entrepreneurs achieved great success in the 1950s, until they decided to go their separate ways 15 years later, with Martin maintaining sole proprietorship. Due to increasing work orders, the company developed rapidly and became a well-known construction company in Uri, central Switzerland. In 1981, Bernhard Epp joined the company and a joint cooperation was born. By 1997, the company had further expanded and Baumann & Epp Bau GmbH was established. Martin Baumann retired in 2008, leaving Bernhard to run the growing business.

The jobsite

On the quarry jobsite in Wassen, the SK530LC-11 is extracting Gotthard granite, which will be processed for unique and sustainable natural stone products as well as slabs and kitchen worktops. The pits created by the quarrying are backfilled and recultivated with the delivered clean landfill.

When excavating the characteristically unique and extremely robust granite material, the SK530LC-11 always performs well. The machine is also ideally suited for placing the landfill material into the pits. When working in the quarry and at the landfill, the machine is operated by different machine drivers, including the manager of the quarry and landfill, Elias Tresch, his deputy Leo Zberg, and other employees.

The machine

The all-new SK530LC-11 and the smaller SK500LC-11 were released in 2021 and benefit from increased speed and performance, improved reliability and maintenance, state-of-the-art ergonomics and design and are Stage V compliant. Both machines also benefit from high hydraulic pressure (Heavy Lift) for greater lifting power at close radius, allowing for smooth and steady operation while moving heavy objects. In particular, the machines have excellent lifting performance when compared with competitor machinery, particularly at a working radius of up to 9m over the side.

The SK530LC-11 has an operating weight of 53 tonnes and benefits from an adjustable undercarriage. Its track gauge can extend to 2,890mm, promoting top-of-the-market stability and superior lifting performance, while when retracted, the overall width of the crawler is just 2,990mm (vs 3,350mm on the SK500LC-11). This decreased width enables better transportability, particularly in mountainous regions, like in Switzerland, where the roads may be narrow.

“After just the first few months, it is clear that our investment in the Kobelco SK530LC-11 has paid off. Our operators particularly highlight the performance and ease of use. They also praise the high level of comfort and the technology built into the machine. In addition, the SK530LC-11 has significantly lower fuel consumption compared to the competition.” Managing Directors (Baumann Epp Bau AG).

As well as the new Kobelco SK530LC-11, Baumann Epp Bau EG also owns 17 other Kobelco (and New Holland) excavators. In fact, since the company was established, Kobelco excavators have been key to the fleet, thanks to the reliable service, the excellent customer care from the dealer, Hand Baumaschinen AG, the positive price and performance ratio as well as satisfaction of previous models’ performance.

“Trust is the foundation of any business relationship and the cooperation between Hand Baumaschinen AG and Baumann Epp Bau AG is based on this trust. This includes, among other things, a pleasant and courteous customer care as well as the good service, which are made possible by the good relations on a personal level.” Managing Directors (Baumann Epp Bau AG).

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