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Reduction of the impact on the environment is a common practice in the recent construction machinery industry.
In 2006, KOBELCO released the first hybrid excavator SK70H with fuel efficiency improved by 40% compared to the conventional machines in the same class. In 2009, sales of the hybrid “SK80H“ started. In 2012, the 20-ton class SK200H-9 was released, which established Kobelco as “the leading company in fuel efficiency”.
Now the SK210HLC-10 is showing its true value of “genuine hybrid” and breaking the common sense of conventional hybrid machines.


Kobelco Monitoring Excavation System (KOMEXS)

Managing a fleet of construction machinery at job sites across multiple locations can be a challenge. However, the Kobelco Monitoring Excavation System (KOMEXS) is a web-based programme that enables owners to monitor their Kobelco machines remotely. KOMEXS provides access to important machine data, which helps them to manage their machines more efficiently, increase machine productivity and reduce their costs.

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INDR Technology

Kobelco’s innovative iNDr – “integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System” is a superior method of noise suppression that promotes low noise, exceptional engine cooling, enhanced reliability, minimal machine downtime and a more comfortable working environment for the operator.

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  • At Kobelco, our fuel efficiency just keeps getting better, it’s an obsession.
  • We listened to excavator customers, who told us that fuel economy is the best way to increase their profits. With this in mind, we used our 80 years’ experience in technical innovation to analyse and improve our excavator components in order to improve efficiency.
  • Some of our models can now offer up to 20% reduction of fuel consumption without compromising power* also helping us to achieve a Low-Carbon Society. This is just one of the reasons why Kobelco is recognised around the world as number one in excavator fuel efficiency.

*When compared with their predecessors.



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