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This website is operated and managed by Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. and its group companies (hereinafter the “Kobelco”). Please read and understand the following terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Terms of Use”) regarding the use of this website. By using this website, you are considered that you have accepted the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use of this website may be amended without prior notice, and you are kindly requested to use this website after the confirmation of the latest amendment.


1. Copyrights

Copyrights to all of the contents (texts, graphics, programs, contents of e-mails, etc.) posted on this website are the sole properties of the Kobelco or other producers of those contents. The use of the contents (including reproduction, alteration, transmission, delivery, grant of license, selling, publication and use for commercial purposes) for purposes other than the nonprofit or personal purpose or beyond the extent Authorised by applicable laws are prohibited unless approved by the Kobelco in advance.



2. Trademarks

Trademarks, the rights contained in but not limited to logos and marks, related to goods and services posted on this website and the right to use such trademarks are the sole properties of the Kobelco. It is prohibited to produce any website, goods and works using these logos and marks which wrongfully imply that it is related to the Kobelco’s goods or services.




3. Access to This Website

The access to this website is limited only to browsing the contents of the website provided by the Kobelco. Regardless of the purpose, it is strictly prohibited to make access or attempt to make access to any area of the Kobelco’s computer system or information contained in such system.




4. Linked Sites

The contents of any third party’s website linked from or to this website (hereinafter the “linked site”) should be managed by such third party, and therefore, the Kobelco has no authority to control the linked site. Please use the linked site in accordance with the terms of use provided by such third party. The Kobelco assumes no responsibility for complaints or claims for damages arising from the contents of the linked site or use of such contents. Any link to the linked site does not assume any warranty or recommendation by the Kobelco to the linked site or its contents, and any special relation between the Kobelco and the linked site. If you wish, you may create a link to the global website “http://www.kobelcocm-global.com/”. However, you are prohibited from creating:

[1] a link from any website containing contents offensive to public order and morals, illegal contents and any other contents which could be offensive to public order and morals or illegal;
[2] a link which may make it difficult to determine the contents of the Kobelco, or infringe copyrights by utilizing framing techniques and such other methods.;
[3] a link from any website which defames the Company; or
[4] a link for commercial purposes. When you create a link to this website, please be certain that the link, created by you, does not cause the Kobelco of any disadvantages or troubles caused by complaints or claims, etc. by third parties. There may be cases where you are required to review or postpone the setting of a link to this website. Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.




5. Opinions and Proposals

Your opinions and proposals posted on this website will be handled under the understanding that you have agreed to accept the following conditions.

[1] The Kobelco assumes no responsibility of confidentiality, evaluation, adaptation or response for the information provided by you.

[2] The Kobelco may disclose, reproduce the information provided by you, and is free to use it for the manufacture, development and sales of the Company’s products.

[3] In the case that Kobelco used the contents of such provided information in part or in whole, it does not assume any responsibility to the provider of such information, including the responsibility to compensate such provider.


6. Disclaimer

The Kobelco handles information to be posted on this website with the greatest care. However, the Kobelco expressly disclaims its responsibility for any error with regard to the correctness, accuracy, safety or usefulness of such information. Further, the Kobelco assumes no responsibility for identity of any information distributed by the Kobelco including such case that the information was undelivered to your computer system, Further, the Kobelco assumes no responsibility for losses, delayed delivery or wrong transmission of information caused by a line disorder, natural disaster, system failure, virus or malfunction of equipment, and damages caused by falsification or leakage of information by third parties. The Kobelco expressly disclaims any warranty concerning the contents posted on this website. Please note that any contents posted on this website may be changed or suspended without prior notice.




7. Governing Law

This website may be accessed from various countries governed by different laws. Unless otherwise specifically provided, both you accessing to this website and the Kobelco shall agree to be bound by laws of Europe with regard to the use of this website.



Social Media Policy

Kobelco Construction Machinery Group (hereinafter, “KCM Group”) participates in social media and operates its social media official account in accordance with this policy (hereinafter, “Policy”).


1. Compliance with applicable laws and company rules and regulations

KCM Group utilizes social media in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the KCM Group Code of Conduct and other applicable internal rules and regulations of KCM Group.


2. Awareness of and responsibility for information transmission and responses in social media

[1] We recognize that information transmitted on social media is accessible by a large number of unspecified users who have diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

[2] We recognize that information posted on social media generally cannot be completely deleted from the internet once it is transmitted.

[3] In the event that any error or any mistake is found in our transmitted information, we will take appropriate action to acknowledge such error or mistake, promptly correct it, or any other such action that KCM Group deems necessary, in its discretion.

[4] We recognize that transmitted information may, depending on its content, have a significant impact on KCM Group and others. We are committed to transmitting information responsibly, appropriately, and in such a way as to avoid misunderstanding and error.

[5] We have created and are committed to abiding by guidelines governing KCM Group employee’s participation in social media in addition to this Policy.


3. Promotion of appropriate and prompt communication

[1] We will listen to the voices of our stakeholders and make every effort to provide beneficial and relevant information to them.

[2] We will endeavor to ensure a prompt response to users of our social media.


4. For our customers, business partners, and social media users

[1] Information transmitted on the social media official account does not necessarily represent an official announcement or an official opinion of KCM Group. Please visit the KCM Group official website to confirm such official announcement or official opinion of KCM Group. Also please note that KCM Group does not endorse any opinions posted on social media which are not specifically posted by us.

[2] Any information transmitted on social media is on an “as- is” basis at the time of transmission. Such information may change from time to time. Please use the transmitted information at your own risk.

[3] Please refer to the List of Social Media Official Accounts to confirm the Official Account of KCM Group. Please note that the operation of each social medium official account is conducted in accordance with the terms of use and the rules of each social medium. The methods of communication, such as replies to comments, how such replies are posted, and the hours for each reply, vary by each social medium.

[4] Please be reminded that this Policy may be subject to change without prior notice. In such case, the revised social media policy will be provided on KCM Group’s official website.


5. Inquiries

For inquiries regarding the use of the official social media account of KCM Group, please contact to the following.

[Kobelco Construction Machinery]
Please send your inquiry, using this inquiry form.



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