Kobelco SK550D Demolition


Following several years of research and development, including valuable feedback from the European market, Kobelco presents the all-new SK400DLC-10 demolition machine. The versatile new model, which features Kobelco’s proven NEXT system for both high elevation and foundation demolition work, provides a safe and quick solution for the assembly/disassembly of attachments and maintenance and enables easy transportation between projects, for significant cost savings.

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Kobelco SK400DLC and SK550DLC demolition machine is the next generation of high performance and cutting-edge technology.


The new-generation NEXT demolition attachment for the demolition machine with common use type base boom was designed by Kobelco without being limited by existing concepts. Each boom attachment has a block structure that simplifies assembly and transport, and the attachments employ our original NEXT joint system. The piping can be connected at ground level, and the steps for attachment assembly/disassembly from pressure release to pin fixing can be completed safely in a short time. Kobelco helps provide the owner reduced operational costs, less downtime and greater return on investment.


  • High reach attachment up to 24.7 metres
  • High dependability due to proven boom design
  • High performance – dedicated configuration of separate boom
  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Low downtime due to easy boom disconnect system
  • Low maintenance of attachments due to side mounted piping
  • Low transport height of attachments


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