Hand-built in Japan

27 April 2018


When you visit our stand at Intermat, it’s difficult to miss the big TV screen which is premièring our latest movie. ‘Hand-Built in Japan’ was filmed at our Itsukaichi factory in Japan, where all our excavators are hand-built.


This movie perfectly captures the true spirit of Kobelco by reinforcing our long Japanese heritage and demonstrating the commitment every one of our engineers and assembly workers has to manufacturing the highest quality excavators.


Quality has always been a priority when building our machines, and this hasn’t changed despite the ever-changing and increasingly difficult economy. We have an unrivalled reputation for building enduring, long-lasting, low maintenance machinery and are proud to be able to give you an insight into how our machines are hand-built, as well as demonstrate the dedication and teamworking of all our Kobelco engineers.


Don’t forget to pick up your special limited edition ‘Hand-build in Japan’ metal plate from our Fanshop!




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