Easy maintenance the Kobelco way

07 September 2021


We pride ourselves on developing high quality, high performance construction machinery that is easy for the customer to maintain themselves. From the improved layout of our machines’ radiator and cooling systems, to easy-access features such as walkways to aid routine inspections, our excavators are built with the operator in mind.

To ensure your Kobelco excavator remains in the best condition, there are some simple things you should watch out for before you start your day on the jobsite. KCME Product Manager, Peter Stuijt, provides a simple guide to maintaining your Kobelco excavator below.

Machine walkaround

Before starting the day, a full walkaround should be done so that you can inspect the machine’s physical condition. Check for any fluid leakages, material cracks and signs that bolts have come loose when last in operation. This should be followed by a fluid level check, which also includes checking the water separator. Fueling up and lubrication of the machine should be done at the end of the previous working day.

In theory, there are no differences between checking mini and heavy machines. Only the physical size of the machine and fluid reservoirs differ.

Checking for corrosion and leaks

Corrosion and wear completely depend on working circumstances, applications and machine maintenance as well as the abrasiveness of the materials that are being moved. Leaks should be checked wherever fluid and/or grease is applied. That includes the components too, such as the actuators, hoses and piping.

The undercarriage should be checked for correct tension of the track and any wear of the tracks, the sprocket and rollers. Track shoes should be checked for defects as well.

The engine compartment is key

You should always do a visual inspection of the engine compartment before the start of the working day, including an inspection of the engine’s general condition, engine oil check and depending on the model, a check of the coolant replenishment reservoir. The radiator and v-belt condition should also be verified.

Inside the cabin

Before entering the cabin, check the overall condition of the outside of the cabin including the cleanliness of the windows and the wiper is in good condition. The inside of the cabin should be tidy to avoid distraction during work, and the condition of the seat belt should also be verified.

Planned and scheduled maintenance

The Kobelco monitor inside the cabin will flag the maintenance status of anything that needs immediate attention, for example, when fluids and filters require replacement. In addition, the Kobelco Monitoring Excavation System (KOMEXS) is a web-based programme

that enables owners to monitor their Kobelco machines remotely. KOMEXS provides access to important machine data, which helps the manager and dealer to manage their machines more efficiently, increase machine productivity and reduce their costs and to schedule planned maintenance.



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