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02 June 2022

Kobelco extends its recycling range with the introduction of the all-new SK140SRD-7 multi-dismantling machine

As a leading manufacturer of demolition and recycling equipment, Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest multi-dismantling tool to the European market. The SK140SRD-7 represents the next generation in innovative recycling machinery and follows Kobelco’s stunning PERFORMANCE X DESIGN concept for state-of-the-art ergonomics and design.

In a world where environmental concerns are high on the agenda, automotive recycling is big business. Around six million vehicles reach the end of their useful lives in Europe every year, but their component metal parts, including steel, iron and copper fibres, as well as glass and plastics, can be recycled or reused. However, automotive recycling is a specialist industry, and the process is extremely intricate and complicated.

While in many ways its body looks like a conventional Kobelco excavator, the SK140SRD-7 has been designed specifically for multi-dismantling applications and can strip end-of-life-vehicles (ELV) as well as engines, white goods, goods vehicles, aircraft and marine transport, quickly and efficiently. The machine’s dedicated HD boom has been reinforced with thick steel plates to resist twisting, while the sides and back of the HD arms are reinforced with thick steel plates and a rock guard. The reinforced frame provides the durability and strength to withstand automotive dismantling work, handle heavy loads and tearing operations. The lower frame has a uniquely designed circular swinging section to ensure the operating range of the clamp arms while maintaining the required strength.

The SK140SRD-7’s high-performance ISUZU engine is compliant with the latest emissions regulations and enables smooth high-load lifting and pulling. The multi-use nibbler has a lightweight design, which allows for fi­ne movements, and is shaped for smooth grabbing, picking, cutting, and pulling. The clamp arm can secure large objects and pinch smaller objects such as wiring, aluminium components, harnesses, drive shafts and starter motors with equal precision. An additional 580kg of weights, in addition to the counterweights, are also included as standard equipment to ensure excellent stability, less rocking and more effi­cient operation.

Following the same PERFORMANCE X DESIGN concept as the recently launched conventional Generation 11 models, the SK140SRD-7 is equipped with a number of home comforts to ensure operator satisfaction during long working hours. The large FOPS Level II cabin has a Grammer air suspension seat with superior shock absorption as standard. The larger 4-inch integrated armrest reduces operator fatigue while the PHC (proportional hand control) lever allows clamp-arm movements to be performed simultaneously in combination with the foot pedal for increased work e­fficiency. The large 10-inch colour screen means that important information is easy to read, and operations can be performed from a simple menu screen. Multiple operations can be performed with the jog dial. A smartphone holder, USB port, DAB Radio and Bluetooth capability for making hands free telephone calls is also included.

As you’d expect from a machine operating in such harsh environments, the SK140SRD-7 is also equipped with a number of important safety features. The boom and arm safety valves prevent the boom/arm from falling if the hose is damaged, the boom cylinder cover prevents collisions from damaging the cylinder, and the boom foot cover/centre cover and cab front polycarbonate guard provides better protection against debris. Bolt-on rubber pad shoes also helps to avoid damage to the concrete or tarmac. If the nibbler gets too close to the cab during operation, the Cab-Interference Prevention System helps avoid a collision by displaying a warning on the screen – the machine will automatically stop if it enters the interference-danger zone.

Bright LEDs are fitted to both sides of the boom, in two places on the top of the cab, and on the upper right of the body to ensure visibility when working at night, during dusk, or when working inside buildings. Excellent visibility on the jobsite is provided via three standard cameras located on the left, right and rear sides of the machine (offering an eagle-eye view).

When it comes to regular maintenance, the SK140SRD-7 has been designed with the operator in mind. Kobelco’s innovative iNDr filter stops dust from entering the machine, preventing radiator clogs and maintaining cooling performance. Daily maintenance of the iNDr filter is undertaken simply via a visual check, and cleaning is only necessary when significantly dirty. iNDr technology also ensures the sound of the engine and cooling fan in the cab is minimised.

Commenting on the launch of the all-new Kobelco SK140SRD-7, Product Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “The main benefits of using specialist machinery, like the SK140SRD-7, to dismantle cars and other vehicles is the increased productivity and reduced labour/operating costs. For example, the SK140SRD-7 offers approximately four times the vehicle dismantling capability compared with hand dismantling, bringing real tangible benefits to any reclamation business. In addition, its Short Radius (SR) design means that it is best suited to smaller-to-medium size jobsites where space may be cramped, such as smaller recycling jobsites and inside warehouses.”

To learn more about the SK140SRD-7, you can find KCME at the IFAT exhibition in Munich from 30 May to 3 June (Hall C5. Stand 115/214). The manufacturer is pleased to be returning to the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies to showcase its rapid development in vehicle dismantling and multi-dismantling machinery. KCME will also be displaying a larger SK210D car dismantling machine at the event.

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