New ED160BR-7 – Multi-purpose operation meets elegant design

13 July 2020

Renowned for its dual-purpose capabilities, the Kobelco ED160BR Blade Runner offers increased productivity and efficiency on job sites by enabling operators to excavate and dozer terrain all with one machine.

The all-new ED160BR-7, which is now available in Europe, builds on the success of its predecessors to deliver further improvements through excellence in operability, comfort and design.

The multipurpose ED160BR-7 Blade Runner, which combines dozer with SR-type excavator, can cover a large range of applications including landscaping, land clearing and maintenance of forestry roads and its short radius design makes it particularly suited to small or confined job sites. The machine’s large capacity, foldable 6-way dozer blade has Power, Angle and Tilt capability (PAT) so it can be angled 25 degrees to the left or right for moving earth out of the operator’s path, while its tilt function is ideal for slope grading and ditches. The PAT dozer also has a floating function to further aid levelling.

The ED160BR-7‘s high-power engine complies with the latest Stage V emission regulations and, when compared to the previous ED160BR-5 model, offers a 10% increase in engine output and a 10% reduction in digging cycle time. The machine also retains its high performance without reducing speed, even when carrying heavy loads or when travelling on a slope. Its excellent ground clearance of 455mm and drawbar pulling force (195kN) ensures smooth travel and easy manoeuvring on uneven terrain.

Curved triple grouser shoes, which are available in 500mm or 600mm sizes, further promote the ED160BR-7’s agility, while the heavier operating weight (16,800-18,000kg) and optional counterweights (580kg and 1,000kg) provide extra stability to manage complex attachments. The heavy-duty undercarriage also features 20-tonne components for increased durability.

While the ED160BR-7 performance credentials are impressive, inside the cabin is where the machine really excels. Complementing Kobelco’s line-up of next generation machines, including the SK75SR-7, SK85MSR-7, SK130LC-11 and SK140SRLC-7, the ED160BR-7 has been designed completely with the operator in mind.

Its large sized and modern cabin is equipped with a number of easily accessible controls, including a jog-type dial with multiple functions, which is back-lit for ease of operation. In fact, LED backlighting on all control switches inside the cabin also helps to reduce eyestrain, particularly during short daylight working hours and night time operation. The blade control lever is also more ergonomic when compared with the previous model.

The ED160BR-7’s easy access 10-inch colour monitor – the largest in the industry – provides the operator with a clear view of important machine status information, function menus and views from the machine’s cameras, including rear and right side cameras for a unique “eagle-eye” view.

Improved multi-function capabilities also means that the flow-rate modes of the bucket, breaker, nibbler and rotating grapple can be set before operation, allowing the operator to start work immediately. Mode settings for other attachments, such as the tilt rotator, can also be easily added.

In addition, the ED160BR-7 features a comfortable Kobelco-branded Grammer seat that is constructed to incorporate the joystick and armrests as one unit. This means that with any movement of the seat, the operator remains comfortable and in full control. The cabin’s standard air-conditioning system has also been improved.

Other operator-based features include use of LED door lamps, that switch on when the cabin door is opened or the ignition switched off, FOPS Level II roof guard, which is equipped with a lockable swing-open section so the external roof glass can be easily cleaned. Parallel front window wipers ensure a significantly larger swept area of the front window for an uninterrupted view.

For additional comfort, an AM/FM (hands-free) radio, smartphone holder and USB come as standard, while for additional security, a password can be set and is required to start the engine.

The use of Kobelco’s innovative iNDr system (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction) also means the ED160BR-7 is quiet in operation, not just in working areas but also inside the cabin. iNDr’s primary function is to filter dust from the cooling air reaching the engine, raising the reliability level of the machine even further.

Commenting on the introduction of the ED160BR-7 Blade Runner, Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “The ED160BR has always been a popular Kobelco model due to its multipurpose functionality – an operator can clear an area, excavate, fill and level all from one machine. To the owner, this means savings in both time and costs.

“The ED160BR-7 is our third generation of this machine and a result of several years of development. This new model has been designed with the operator in mind, so as well as delivering the excellent performance and efficiency Kobelco is renowned for, it incorporates a number of new first class features to help boost productivity too.”

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