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Location: France
Kobelco dealer: TP Equipement – Groupe Blanchard
Customer: TTA (Terrassement Transport Andrieu)
Operation location: Condé sur Noireau, Normandy
Operator: Yannick Turck

The job site

Demolition of housing, industrial factories and other manmade buildings are on the increase, but it is urban regeneration that is growing. Redevelopment of former housing areas also brings added benefits of new community life and affordable homes especially in areas where large apartment blocks have become unpopular as living quarters.

The town of Condé sur Noireau, Normandy in north-western France has seen steady growth in population and housing. Unfortunately, like many towns, cities and villages across Europe, tenement blocks that originated in the late 1960s/early 1970s and onwards were not built to the minimum standards expected of today’s homes.

Damp, cold and poor service amenities plague many housing estates across Europe, and for these reasons, demolition and redevelopment is now common place. Just such an example is a tenement block on the outskirts of Condé sur Noireau. Because of its height and being located close to populated homes, demolition by bulldozing or the use of a wrecking ball were out of the question. To tackle the building, civil engineering company Terrassement Transport Andrieu (TTA) required a transportable and compact but powerful high-reach demolition machine that could also operate at lower levels, like the Kobelco SK400DLC-10 demolition machine.

“The power of the Kobelco is very strong, very good.”

The machine

Launched in 2018, the versatile Kobelco SK400DLC-10 features Kobelco’s proven NEXT system for both high elevation and foundation demolition work, provides a safe and quick solution for the assembly/ disassembly of attachments and maintenance and enables easy transportation between projects for significant cost savings.

With its ultra-long attachment in place, The SK400DLC-10 can achieve a maximum safe working reach of 24.7mt, while the separate boom configuration can demolish the thickest concrete at lower levels. Add in the fact the SK400DLC-10 also has a retractable carriage to enable it to comply with strict transport regulations (particularly in Germany and France), you can understand why TTA and other leading contractors have chosen this machine – one of three machines in Kobelco’s demolition range (SK350DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 also available).

Key benefits:
• Proven NEXT system for both high elevation and foundation demolition work
• Turbo-charged engine and hydraulic system for high performance and low fuel consumption
• Stage IV-compliant
• Ultra-high attachment enables a maximum working height of 24.7m
• Maximum working depth of 6,210mm
• Reinforced boom attachments for increased durability and reduced structural fatigue
• Side-mounted hydraulic piping for easy access and maintenance from ground level
• Low attachment storage height of 2m enables transportation on a standard trailer
• Demolition-spec cabin tilts up to 30-degrees for high elevation demolition work
• Cab interference prevention system for enhanced operator comfort and safety


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